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Hand warmer

Product Type Hand & Foot Warmers
Collection Hand & Foot Warmers

Duration: 10 hours

Are you tired of having freezing hands while you’re outdoors and enjoying nature?!

Our 100% natural hand warmers are comfortable and very safe and easy to use on the palms of your hands. Open the packaging and let the air activate the hand warmers, to keep your hands and fingers warm for up to 10 hours. They are soft and comfortable to use in gloves or pockets.

We spend a lot of our time and especially weekends outdoors all year round.
The temperature can easily and quickly change from hot to cold, so we want to make sure that Sunday will always be a FUNday!

Let us help you to enjoy nature as much as we do, with warm hands and feet.

Hand warmer features:

• 100% natural
• Air activate (Knead for faster result)
• Safe
• Ready to use

Available Colors: